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*The Rohm rune is not a swastika. It was designed on a computer graphics program in 1999 to represent the artwork of  the artist E Rohm.

E Rohm's artwork was first shown on the internet May 21, 1999 at The official website, PUNISHMENT CAMP went online September 9, 1999. All Artworks and content are created and/or modified by E Rohm. They are copyright 2022 E Rohm Studio. 

Web site design/graphics on this site are copyright 1999-2022 E Rohm Studio 1914


 "There is nothing about the characters in my artwork that suggest they are Jewish. And the drawings do not refer to any time frame in history. Violence against any group of people based on their race, gender, religion sexual preference and creed is abhorrent, and unacceptable.

  A good piece of erotic art will turn off as many people as it turns on...that is because our imaginations are so fertile and diverse. We must keep the line distinct between fantasy and reality, otherwise our country and our freedom is at stake. In Japan,  where they have tremendously abusive and violent comics and films, there is a very low crime rate...because they can distinguish between what is real and what is not. I hope that we can too.

 Now, our school systems are removing art and music programs because they are not considered 'important' learning aspects for the preparation of a successful life. Very sad. Just think of how many lives could have been saved if only Adolph Hitler, John Wayne Gacy and Henry Lee Lucas had been encouraged to pursue their artistic interests.

 My interests are military history (all countries) prison and corrections history, collecting vintage militaria and weapons. As a student of western esotericism, I have a longtime interest in the 'lantern of illuminations' and have recently acquired my bachelors degree in theology and biblical studies. I have a particular interest in German military history, and law enforcement.

 I am NOT pro nazi, neo-nazi or support nor endorse any hate/oppressive group or organization.

 I feel a true artist/ writer should look inside their own minds and hearts to see who they really are, then build their creative medium from there. There are countless religious tripwires that so many of us have had forced into our minds, It often dulls the true character of a human being. 

Beliefs are dangerous. Beliefs allow the mind to stop functioning.

A non functioning mind is clinically dead.

Believe in nothing"




"Your pictures are intriguing because there are no limits. The fore-arms and lower legs removed to turn men into human animals, on all fours, no choice. The scat and piss are a normal function of total dominance.

Your drawings tap into the most extreme of human behavior, which uncontrolled, really has no limits and is purely a function of our imagination. You dare to imagine the worst fears of mankind. Uncontrolled torture, humiliation and body destruction ( remember, the Germans literally peeled human skin and used it for lamp material, how much less disgusting is that than these fantasy drawings).

You are brave, and you will be reviled by many, but don't let anyone stop you. Its your turn to imagine, to draw, to fantasize, and if anyone does not appreciate it, they simply should not play with you." 

* * * * * *

 I think this site is for those of us who enjoy (either on a fantasy level or in a private scene involving great trust of another person) physical abuse, forced toilet sex, domination, either taking it or dealing it or both. The  symbols, uniforms, their haughty intelligence coupled with a superior and dismissive attitude toward all who were, their contempt and ruthlessness toward those who came under their power, all these things make their symbols and effects one of the potent catalysts for fantasies of degradation at a site like this or in acting them out consensually and in private.

 People can, and do, reject the philosophy, the practices, the aims as real alternatives in everyday life. As ordinary, good-hearted people when we see misfortune around us, we believe "there-but-for-God-go-I" and want to help. For most of us, the actual history of what happened in real life under rule is repellent and we are disgusted by it. As Americans and as sane people we are very glad for our sake (and the world's), that the good guys won the war.

* * * * * *

 Hi Sir,
     I like visiting your site often to see if you have drawn more pictures of those beautiful  boots stomping, treading on, grinding the prisoners' faces on jail floors or the ground in prison camps.

            There is nothing more erotic to me than to see a macho-man  guard pushing to toes of his jackboots deep inside the mouth of his prisoner and order him to suck, chew on it, eat it, swallow it deep down his slave-throat !!!!

I also love stories describing such action. Stories where the  guards or motorcycle cops are forcing their prisoners to not only lick and suck their long black leather or rubber riding boots clean, but also chew their sweaty socks clean and lick, suck, eat their sweaty bare sweaty feet clean right out of their riding boots or combat boots !!!! Make those prisoners suck all the dirty toes of their guards and arresting cops clean after they have done their riding or their combat boots.

 Show us prisoners faces and mouth being ground under boot heels of guards and cops !!!! faces being ground under boot soles and boot heels, crushed and trampled under those irresistible and superior boots of authority!!! Who is more qualified than a cop or a prison guard to represent and personify real dominating authority????

* * * * * *

 "Amazing!!!!!! I have forked over a lot of money for sites that are, in comparison to yours, slightly eroticized disney productions. You are quite talented and very perverted.
( Both are complements)."

* * * * *

       "You need me....................."


* * * * * *

 "The best fucking site on the web. Every detail is absolutely right. Please keep producing more.
Well worth paying for if those of us who live outside whichever country you on in can pay by credit card. 

E. Rohm is a genius."

* * * * * *

"Rohm creates images to which he himself is presumably responsive. These are nightmarish
and depict scenes of harrowing depravity; the subject matter is strongly affecting and the technical execution shows a certain level of skill. These images are unique and show the artist has a capacity to engage in sustained and detailed thought about about appalling acts.
Whether this ability is attributable to an extreme form of pathological homophobia, misguided political views or some other cause is unclear from the sites' context."

* * * * * *

 "Suddenly, Tom of Finland is made quaint.
Yes, I find your work incredibly disturbing and compelling. I think you have ripped off the cover right off the question that I've never satisfactorily resolved for myself:
identifying with the giver or the recipient? or oppressed and oppressor, ect. and, which is right?
It opens a flood of questions. The nightmare of the holocaust and the eroticism of the images gleaned, if not from it, then from the imagining of it.

 I only just viewed your work now. I'm writing immediately, aware of the fact that I must sound like I am full of shit. My fear is, if I dont write immediately, I wont write at all,not that it would be any great loss to your day. But by not writing I might tuck your images away, deciding not to deal with it at all.
Maybe there are no words waiting to be used. I feel the same way I did the first time I saw Francis Bacon's incredible paintings.
I think I'll shut up.
Thanks for sharing your truly incredible psychic landscape."


* * * * * *


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